EMC Personal Finance A Lifetime Responsibility Annotated Teacher's Edition

By: Kimbrell, Grady; Dungan, Nathan

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New. EMC Personal Finance A Lifetime Responsibility Annotated Teacher's Edition By Kimbrell, Grady; Dungan, Nathan : Product Details: Do your students have trouble staying awake during discussions of checkbook balancing and loan amortization? Do they complain that personal finance is boring and doesn't relate to them? Then EMC Publishing has the program for you! Personal Finance: A Lifetime Responsibility covers the most current and relevant topics, including identity theft, buying a car, and using debit cards. It presents hundreds of real-life examples, documents, and forms to capture the interest and imagination of today's consumer-oriented teens. Wise advice and opportunities to apply it are mixed in with case studies and stories that will inspire your students. Throughout, Nathan Dungan's unique Share Save Spend program offers practical suggestions for making balanced, thoughtful financial decisions. The goal of Share Save Spend is to help youth and adults think about, talk about and do money in ways that honor their values. A variety of special features connect key principles and concepts to the constantly changing world in which your students live! You Decide. Case studies and stories that engage teens in a dialogue about real-life financial situations and challenge them to make a personal choice Look Before You Leap. Descriptions of financial decisions that teens or young adults are likely to encounter and the steps they can take to make informed decisions You Can Succeed Financially. Discussions and examples of the exciting possibilities open to those who set personal financial goals and work to accomplish them Going Global. Stories that use popular examples (like the production of Trek bikes and sales of snowboard clothing) to show how key personal finance topics are treated in other countries Do Your Research. Suggestions for using the Internet, libraries, and other sources to research personal finance topics of particular interest to teens Get Good Advice. Examples of how money mentors can help young people learn about specific topics, including suggestions for identifying mentors, sample interview and research questions, and ideas for using and sharing the results Did You Know? Fascinating facts and figures that dispel myths, warn, inform, spark ideas, and encourage exploration. Hard Cover 480 pages. ISBN-13: 9780821942550

Title: EMC Personal Finance A Lifetime Responsibility Annotated Teacher's Edition

Author Name: Kimbrell, Grady; Dungan, Nathan

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Publisher: U.S.A., EMC Publishing: 2009

ISBN Number: 0821942550

Binding: Hardcover

Book Condition: New

Type: Book

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