Mastering Grade 5 Mathematics: A Blueprint for Success

By: Gardella, Francis J.

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Good condition. No interior writing or highlighting. Back cover bent and scuffing mark on the inside of back cover. . Mastering Grade 5 Mathematics: A Blueprint for Success By Gardella, Francis J. : Product Details: Mastering Grade 5 Mathematics: A Blueprint for Success takes an entirely new approach to mathematics learning and test preparation. Students encounter mathematics embedded in stories, just as they do in real life. In answering the questions posed, students learn the value of referring back to the story and re-reading for information as they formulate their problem-solving plans. The book enables students to achieve true comprehension of key mathematical concepts, not just to succeed on the fifth-grade statewide test, but also to lay a firm foundation for middle school mathematics. Students learn how to understand a problem, identify key mathematical relationships in the problem, and make a logical plan to solve it, rather than relying on a Pavlovian reflex reaction or the mindless application of a formula to get an answer. The New York State Grade 5 Mathematics Test asks questions that require students to read with comprehension and to apply mathematical ideas. Materials that just review a skill and provide a series of practice items do not help students to succeed with this more complex task. Mastering Grade 5 Mathematics: A Blueprint for Success actually helps your students to become better problem-solvers and to develop a deeper understanding of fundamental mathematical principles. Mastering Grade 5 Mathematics: A Blueprint for Success consists of seven chapters with eighteen lessons and a complete practice test. Each lesson begins with a story involving two or three aspects of mathematics also found in Everyday Mathematics. Students address increasingly complex concepts and skills as they progress through the book in conjunction with Everyday Mathematics or similar texts. The book follows New Yorks March to March Standards, which form the basis for the statewide mathematics test. The stories themselves are carefully crafted to illuminate mathematical concepts in unique and interesting ways. For example, to explain factors of a number, students read about planting garden plots of varying dimensions. They have to think of different widths and lengths for planting the same number of seeds. These different widths and lengths, it turns out, are the different factors of that number. To understand ratios, students read about a marching band. They divide its members into separate groups to choreograph their marching patterns. Each division is based on fixed a ratio of trumpet-players to drummers. To prepare students for the changes in question contexts that frequently occur on the statewide test, questions asked in each lesson vary from topic to topic, based on the real life mathematics found in the story. For example, questions may change from arithmetic to measurement to geometry. Being able to think about a different context becomes part of your students' blueprint for success. The book is written in a conversational tone. Two friendly mathematics professors serve as your students' personal guides. After each story, students are asked comprehension questions about key story facts. Students are then given two math problems based on the story. For each problem, Professor Mathematics leads your students through a generic problem-solving approach. These metacognitive problem-solving models show your students how to apply their knowledge of mathematics. This problem-solving component is followed by a series of multiple-choice and open-response assessment items about the story. In the first set of these, Professor Mathematics provides hints, gently guiding students to the answer. This is followed by independent practice with further test items. These practice items all use information from the story to strengthen students' ability to apply underlying mathematical concepts. Students are then given an opp

Title: Mastering Grade 5 Mathematics: A Blueprint for Success

Author Name: Gardella, Francis J.

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Publisher: U.S.A., Jarrett Publishing Company: 2009

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